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The Law Offices of F. Richard Ricketts, PLLC is a law firm based in Tacoma, Washington and managed by Richard Ricketts, Attorney at Law.

Traditional Full Service Representation

We provide full service representation for most of our clients. This includes all of the traditional services that one would think when hiring an attorney, to include counseling, preparing pleadings, appearing in trial, conducting discovery, attending hearings, preparing for and attending trial.

Our difference from most other law firms lies in a basic premise that hiring an attorney should not cost tens of thousands of dollars. We assess each client at the first meeting and offer a discount off of our standard hourly rate based upon the income and household size of the client. Discounts apply to the nonrefundable retainer, the hourly rate and the trial retainer, and can run as high as 75% off of the hourly rate based upon the individual situation.
We also have a Military Appreciation Program which offers discounts of up to 75% depending upon pay grade and time in service.

Unbundled or Limited Legal Services and Coaching

For situations where full legal service may not be affordable, we provide “unbundled” or “limited” legal services online and via email. This provides you more limited access to the attorney but is perfect for those who cannot afford or do not want to pay the costs to retain the attorney, or where you have questions or need coaching to address a specific legal need.  The client will have access to the attorney, albeit more limited than in the full representation scenarior, and secure 24/7 access to your case status.  Consultation is available via web cam, over the phone or by secure client login, and at our offices in Tacoma, Washington.

Accessing Online Legal Services is Easy!  Here’s how it works:

All clients have access to the online platform gives you 24/7 real time access to a secure private account where the client can view  files, monitor updates, status changes, and charges. There are no hidden fees or costs. this platform also offers the ability to purchase unbundled documents and additional services on demand at a fixed fee.

1-2-3 Step Procedures to Access Services!

  1. The Law Offices of F. Richard Ricketts, PLLC’s online services require you to register with the firm’s website which will give you access to your own MyLegalAffairs website.
  2. On the secure MyLegalAffairs website you can purchase the legal services you need and retrieve your item(s) online.
  3. When you are ready for check-out, you can save your data and you can purchase your selected service with a credit card online.

It’s as easy as that! If you would like to have legal guidance when completing a document, or would like it to be done for you please contact me via telephone, e-mail, or Skype.

Our Advantage

  • We believe in reasonable rates for our work.
  • We assess each client to determine their income and household size, and extend a discount of up to 75%.
  • If the client wishes to proceed on their own, we offer self service automated forms and coaching/counseling via email, phone and Skype.
  • We have helped hundreds of clients since we opened in 2003, so we have the proven experience to handle all situations.
How It Works How it Works!


Get Started with Online Legal Services Get Started with Online Legal Services!

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